Photography Tips for Everyday Use

Even if your not a professional photographer, everyone can capture their special moments in their life each day with a little practice and determination.  A single photo can speak a 1000 words and some day you may need each one to look back on those wonderful moments in your life. One way to get focused and in the habit of taking photos each day is to take on the 365 day challenge.  This is basically a challenge to capture and post 1 photo for each day for an entire year.  Though this can be very challenging, it can be very rewarding too.  Another option would be to take on a 52 week challenge instead of a daily challenge, which suits some peoples schedules better.

Dylan at MASM

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind for everyday photography which you are taking on a year challenge or just shooting for fun:


Always have the camera handy

Keep it charged with a fresh memory card in it. A cute or sweet moment could happen at anytime





Set the stage

If you have an idea for a photo, then make it happen without anyone knowing you are setting it up.  This leads to more authentic photos but with your own style applied.





Don’t push

If your kids or husband or friends etc aren’t in the mood for a photo, then don’t push it. This leads to stressed looking photos and takes away from the special moment it is suppose to be capturing.  Just wait, the moment will happen when everyone relaxes.  This also will help your own stress level and let you enjoy the moment.




When all else fails….

Bribery can work in certain situations.  This doesn’t apply to just children, I have found that husbands work well with bribes as well 🙂





Lastly, make it special

Spend sometime thinking about what makes your everyday life special, is it your kids and the funny things they do, sports they are in, etc.  Is it the things your husband/wife does to make you laugh? Is it your family pets?  Everyone has things they may not think is special because it’s just your life right? But 30 years from now, you may want to look back and remember that fun thing you did together, or that sweet moment between your kids, etc. These are the special moments you need to look for, think about, and capture to show the world this is your life and how great it is!